Our Core Values

Our core values rest on work well done and clients satisfaction

Who “IS” Alain & Danielle DAGBA? What is UNIQUE about their work?


Our programs are easy to use, they are simple and effective because they each come with a book or a work material to enhance practices and real transformation. We design each program with the intention to make of you a master-mind and at the same time a legacy-builder.


We are down-to-earth. We love to have a lot of fun while working. We include you in every process. We have created tools and invented original methods and techniques that have been tested and proven powerful. Our work ethic is impeccable. Lastly, we always find ways through referrals to get you your answer.

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Cafe & Bookstore


10 Rooms Luxurious Hotel


Speakers Club


Office Spaces for Lease & Rental


“I had the opportunity to attend at one of the Alain speech this year in Boston on Self-Development Coaching . Alain is fantastic. He is one of my best inspirational speaker. The words and Ideas that he shares touch the souls of the audience. Since then, I have listened to him many times and I have seen a lot of positive changes in my self-development.”


“There was an opportunity to first hear Alain speak at a business and Mentoring forum in Boston. He brings a unique perspective and experience in his speaking and personal development work. He offered helpful and inspiring wisdom that allowed me to see new possibilities and make positive changes. Alain can help you empower your life and realize those things that have greatest meaning to you!”


“I must say Alain Dagba is one of the most powerful speakers I have ever met. When he takes center stage, he illuminates the audience and challenges each viewer to achieve a greater a purpose. Alain’s coaching skills are none the less the same. He has helped me discover my true gifts and passions and has showed me how to make a career out of what I love to do. For this I am forever grateful and appreciative.”


“I am always so inspired by Danielle and her insight into the soul. Her advice on finding solutions to heal a broken life is amazing. She has helped many women break free from the bondage of past hurts. Her life of inspiration is a magnet and a testimony to others. I just love her!”


“Danielle is an amazing speaker, who has a keen ability of connecting with her audience in a magnetic way. She adds humor when needed, is engaging and creates a high level of energy and enthusiasm in the audience. As you are listening to her, you are completely interested and absorbed in her presentation and anxiously await her next words. Danielle is a powerful speaker and has had a tremendous impact on my life!”


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